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Do we ever partake in a rage session and break stuff?

Yes we do frequently. Some of the things we notice about people is that they are not very thorough in breaking everything. They always leave something untouched or significantly undamaged. That is when we will usually finish off the job.

Occasionally, someone does break everything. That is when we just grab a few items and smash them ourselves. We don’t take a full package otherwise we are destroying our revenue stream. That would be bad business.

When we began developing our business, we would test various scenarios. That is how my wife went viral breaking a TV on twitter (my daughters tweet). It isn’t like we haven’t broken larger items, we have. At one time we had a Power Wheel F150 truck in our room. It withstood 6 groups of people, and us beating on it 3 or 4 times each. Talk about Ford Tough! But now it can be Found On the Road Dead!


Sourcing products is one of the most important details of any retail business and several different experience businesses. While we have worked diligently to source our smashables responsibly, there are times when you have to part ways with a vendor. Whatever the reason, the time it takes to find a reliable source for breakables can be a headache.

We have lost a vendor of some of our products. We are on the process of finding a replacement for them. In the event that it takes us longer than anticipated, we will be substituting larger items for smaller items. We hope that this issue is only temporary and that it does not affect our customers experience.

We apologize for any inconvenience that our issue may cause our customers in advance.

At some point we all make mistakes and have to eat crow. In the past six weeks we have come to enjoy the taste of crow. From arguing semantics about being in the city of Fort Worth, to dealing with noise complaints from neighbors. In the end we learned some valuable and costly lessons; but are better for it.

The internet is full of trolls, or as many call them; keyboard warriors. Well, we got one who feels to point out each and every little flaw in our social media posts, website, and our personal life. Man their life must really suck something fierce to spend so much time worrying about ours. Seriously, they spent the better part of four days trying to tell me how bad I suck because of things that happened in my past. They couldn’t even bother to get updated on the information, so wth? Why you mad bro? They learned that I know who they are and don’t care because they cannot do anything to us. They tried and failed to hack our reservation system.

We learned very quickly how to improve security….

Our neighbor didn’t like the noise levels (understandable). For six weeks we spent as much as we earned to dampen the noise. Finally, they involved their family who involved the city code inspectors and chief of police. We educated them on the noise levels and our efforts to mitigate the noise. Zero fines or summons later, and a remodel.

We learned very quickly how to deal with complainers who are never happy…

Even during these trials opportunity continued to present itself. Sometimes in strange ways. Opportunities that included a new business opportunity that we passed on. We forged some great deals with suppliers for our merchandise that we use to break. Some deals that may eventually affect our consumers (think Southwest Airlines type business deals). There is even an opportunity that we are considering as I type this post.

We learned every opportunity is not a good opportunity, but don’t pass on the great ones!!!!

What I am getting at, is that no matter what happens; learn from it. Good or bad, learn something. Like ignoring a troll, how to communicate with neighbors to achieve a common objective, and recognizing good and bad opportunities to improve upon your objectives. Life presents these challenges every day. Some are insignificant while others are monumental. Take something away from each and every one of them and learn something.

Today, I learned our WHY from a book. I knew what it was, but couldn’t describe it. now I can, but that is for another post.

Brief Known History:

We know that rage rooms started before 2008 in an East Asian country. No one is exactly sure who started the concept or where it started. I have read that the concept started in Singapore, Japan and even here in the United States. We do know a little more about modern rage room history as there have been a few places that have tried to chronicle rage rooms.

The first two chronicled rage rooms in North America seem to be located in Dallas, Tx and Toronto Canada. Both opened in late 2008. The Dallas location shut its doors after the tragic death of the owner. The location we think became what is known as Battle Sports (not 100% certain).

Status of Industry

The industry is approximately eleven years old and is growing rapidly. Currently there are no set standards for safety, breakables, pricing or even age limits. People are opening rage rooms faster than insurance companies can develop policies to cover them. There is some concern over the lack of safety standards of these pop up rage rooms. The industry has been lucky so far that only a few known cases of injury have occurred, fortunately nothing major.

By the end of 2008 there were approximately 10 rage rooms world wide. Currently there is an estimated 100 rage rooms in North America alone, and probably 2-3 times that many world wide. It is time that the owners of the rage rooms come together to establish industry standards for not only the safety of their customers but for the continued growth of the industry.

Setting Standards

Some of the standards that customers have come to expect rage room industry providers are as follows.

  • Paying by the person
  • Safety gear provided
  • Breakables provided
  • Availability of space for Groups
  • Going Green
  • Standardized time allotments
  • The option to break their own stuff
  • Children aged 8 and older allowed
  • Additional activities available

There are some standards that need to be established within the rage room industry to not only benefit our clients but to also become socially responsible. For example recycling or upcycling the smashed items. Currently, Smash N Bash recovers all electronic power cords and computer parts from TVs, computers, printers, cell phones, and other items for recycling. In addition we also try to provide local artist and manufacturers with other broken pieces and scrap metals for upcycling into new products.

The more we can do with and for our community will allow the industry to prosper for years to come and be seen in a positive light.

We have received push back from claiming to be the first rage room in Fort Worth, Tx. We understand that some people are sticklers for city boundary lines and that it is a matter of their ego and pride to point out flaws in claims. The United States Postal Service recognizes our address as a Fort Worth address. You can mail something to us and put Fort Worth on it and we will receive it as long as the carrier will deliver it to the right suite number.

How we came to claim being the first in Fort Worth.

During our search for locations, we were attempting to remain within the city limits proper. In fact we passed on three potential lease locations before settling on our current location. They were 1951 Golden Heights in 76177 zip (unacceptable contract), Ridgmar Mall (negotiations stalled), and 220 S. Sylvania Ave in 76111 zip (could not obtain city permits). All three locations are in the city limits of Fort Worth. We largely based our claim on the anticipation of being located at the 220 S. Sylvania Ave location and may still move there in the future.

We are still inside Fort Worth.

Currently, there is not a rage room within the city limits of Fort Worth, proper. However, the city we are located in is encompassed by the city of Fort Worth. It is as if the city opened it’s mouth and swallowed several smaller communities as a whole. There is not another rage room in Tarrant County that can make the same claim at the time of the post.

Future Plans

For the rumors of a bigger better rage room coming to Arlington, they are partially true. We are currently in the planning stages to build the world’s largest rage room right here in North Texas as part of our growth process. Arlington is one of the five remaining cities under consideration, along with Fort Worth, Dallas, Rockwall/Rowlett, and Grapevine/Southlake. We are taking suggestions as to what you would like to have access to in such a venue.

Every year we make resolutions to do better. The best thing you can make a resolution is to improve yourself. Nothing specific to start, but something that simple is attainable and will begin a journey down the right path in life. No matter where your path may lead you we hope that it will include a stop and visit with us to help you along your way.

With that being said, here are the few changes we made for 2020.

  • We will go to an appointment only schedule (Temporarily).
  • We will not take any appointments on Mondays.
  • We will begin offering merchandise for sale online

Having some unexpected very public occurrences have caused us to change some of our policies faster than what we anticipated. Many of which are internal and do not directly affect our consumers. However, there are a couple of changes that do directly affect you.

  • Media interviews must be done on an appointment basis, we no longer will talk to media persons without an appointment.
  • We no longer take appointments for Monday, we need to rest just like everyone else and will be closed.
  • We will post our other holiday and other closings and link to them from our homepage on our website.
  • We have opted for a different booking system and have transferred all bookings to the new system, you should receive confirmations and updates now.
  • In early 2020 we will be going to an appointment only basis, we will no longer take walk ins
  • We will begin offering a sharpie for participants to write the reason for their rage, anger, or stress on any item that is in the smash rooms.
  • We will allow you to save any item from your smash experience to take home with you.
  • In 2020 we will make fill videos available for purchase online.
  • Appointment availability will be extended in 2020 (to be determined).

Internal Policies that do not affect the consumer were not posted to this page.

Prior to opening our location, we ran various test experiences within our Smash N Bash family. My daughter posted only a 4 second clip that went viral. The results have been better than we imagined with a few hiccups.

Here are a few of our lessons learned.

  1. We determined from our experimentation that the safety gear we currently provide is a necessary evil.
  2. You cannot make everyone happy, no matter how much we want to!
  3. Watching people break stuff is entertaining to say the least.
  4. Don’t post anything you don’t want to go viral, because you do not know what will and when it will go viral. Unless you ready to deal with both the positives and negatives, don’t do it. There will be a bunch of both.
  5. People are fun, they want to have fun and be entertained.
  6. The news media will show up at the most inconvenient time.

If you have a YouTube Channel and want to video yourself at a rage room, you are welcome to use our facility. We ask that you sign our media release, pay a small recording fee ($10) plus the price of one of our packages. We can provide 4K footage or you can use your own cameras. Please note we are not responsible if your equipment is damaged.

We do ask that you tag us on your social media post from your recording in our facility.

Man time flies when you are busy getting ready to open a business to the public. We have spent the past week and a half working hard to get our facilities ready to open. We have built walls, painted, obtained breakables, and worked out details with our vendors. There was so much to do in such a short period of time.

Our grand opening is approaching very quickly (December 13th, 2019). My sources have indicated they expect us to be busy opening weekend. We have opened up our reservation system to begin taking reservations on Thursday, December 12th. Please remember that we give priority to reservations over walk ins. It is in your best interest to make a reservation.

Our hours are:

  • By appointment only on Sunday and Monday
  • 12pm to 7 pm Tuesday & Wednesday
  • 12pm to 10pm Thursday through Saturday.
  • We will accept appointments as early as 9 am for organizations who wish to work on team building exercises.
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