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Well we finally did it. We settled on our location near downtown Fort Worth, Texas. While we cannot give out the official address until the landlord accepts our payment and lease agreement; we can say that we are on a major street in between S.H. 121 and I-30. We can see a brewery, Top Golf, and a couple of bars from our location. Below is a Google map of the area.

More details will be coming shortly, as we near an official grand opening.

Update: 11/27/2019

We signed with another property owner for less money and immediate availability to begin our buildout. We should open very soon!!!!

We are at 5177 River Oaks Blvd, #E, River Oaks, Texas 76114

We are currently wrapping up our lease negotiations with a very nice and understanding property owner. Once we have completed the negotiations and signed our agreed upon lease, we will disclose our new location and give the much anticipated opening date. Meanwhile, until then follow us on Facebook and Instagram, you never know what may pop up their.

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