Well it is getting close to the end of the month and we are having to make a decision that will affect our future. We have to choose between one of three options to promote our business. Oh the agony that we can only choose one, because if I had the resources we would choose all three!

Choice #1

Wrap a vehicle to advertise as we drive all around town. Not that we drive a great deal as we live near our shop, but some of our suppliers are over 100 miles away. We have to drive through some prime areas and the advertising could help our revenues.

Choice #2

Purchase an enclosed trailer and offer mobile services. Just think we could offer something that is fun for all ages, where the people are at. It also allows us to participate in festivals, fairs, and even special events. Plus we could use the trailer as a form of mobile advertising.

I know the first question is what about the trash? We have worked that out and will not be adding a great deal to the environment.

Choice #3

In the very near future we have the option to expand our facility as one of our neighbors is moving out. We could use the extra space to clean up our lobby, add additional features for our clients, and increase storage and rage room space.

Oh the horror of having to make such a tough decision!

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