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We understand that there are people who are mad that Governor Abbott ended the mandates put into place in March 2020. We as a business understand both sides of the argument. We respect both sides and as a small business appreciate the freedom of being allowed to make our own decisions as we see fit, not what someone in another part of the country dictates.

With that being said, and understanding the general publics stance on masks. We feel that your personal decisions should be respected. We will not ask you to wear or remove a mask when entering our facility (mask optional); remember it is your choice. We will continue to recommend that you wear a mask in our smash room to protect you from the dust that is created and the unknown pathogens that travel on that dust.

Additionally, we will continue to operate by appointment only. We will also continue to follow CDC recommendations for cleaning and sanitizing as are now part of our standard procedures. We are sure as time progresses, not much else will change. Stay safe.

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