My wife and I have three beautiful children. Like most people, our children have been our whole world since they were born. We feel it is important that we do not exclude them from this adventure in our life, that is why we want to provide a fun family friendly facility.


This is our most enforced rule at Smash N Bash. We want you to have fun! Release your inner beast mode, even if you are slightly agitated; or show us your best imitation of Jackson Pollock, we want to see you make beautiful art!


It is all about making you feel like a part of the family. We include as much of your family as possible in our activities. Some of the best memories that people make are with their families having a good time together.


People don’t always see eye to eye. That is why we feel that it is very important that we be friendly to everyone. We want to treat you like family; yet we understand that not everyone is receptive to being treated in such a manor. At the very least you can expect us to treat you with the respect and the courtesy you deserve.

Often we get some mention of questions about our environment or misconceptions because of our competitors policies about age limitations and other things. We have listed the bare minimum requirements to participate in the various experiences at our facility.

Participation Requirements

Rage Room

Fun Family Rage Room Experience
Family Rage
  • Waiver and Media Release Signed by Parent or Legal Guardian
  • Accompaniment by Parent or Legal Guardian if under age 14
  • Closed Toed Shoes, a light shirt because you will get hot and sweaty
  • Must be 8 years old or older to enter

Splatter Room

  • Waiver and Media Release Signed by Parent or Legal Guardian
  • Accompaniment by Parent or Legal Guardian if under age 12
  • Old clothes to get messy in, we don’t want to mess up your nice clothes
  • Must be 4 years old or older to enter

You will notice that our competitors limit their offerings to adults only because of the inherent dangers of a rage room, certain types of paint, and insurance requirements. We worked diligently to find the best possible offerings for our customers, as a result we can provide a fun family friendly facility.


  • positive review  Bailee has wanted to do this FOREVER and said it was WORTH EVERY MIN!!! Great people!!!

    Michele Burton Avatar Michele Burton
    August 16, 2020

    positive review  A good place to let off some steam!!!!

    Mark Johnson Avatar Mark Johnson
    July 11, 2020

    positive review  OMG. so I have seen this stuff on TV and let me tell you.. this is just amazing! My sisters and I decided to go release some steam last week. This was one of the best experiences ever. we definitely released some steam and more.... from years of built up stuff. This was therapeutic and keeps us out of! Yesterday we celebrated my nieces birthday, my nephews birthday, and my sisters birthday by doing the splatter party. We had a blast. kids had so much fun... i mean who doesn't want to just make a mess and create art at the same time? we intentionally wore all white to save our clothes and create our memory outfit. we will see how they come out! So ... the best part about this place was really the wonderful couple that greats you, makes sure you are good, breaks it all down for you, and genuinely wants you to have a blast. They saw that we needed to really release some stuff and went out thwir way to bring frames and markers so we can write it down and break it and let it go. They really went above and beyone to make sure we cleaned up properly and our cars would not get messed up. they lined up the cars with plastic and made sure we had everything to clean up as much as possible. Good customer service is hard to find. People that genuinely want you to leave there feeling happy and better is hard to find... but they did that and I will drive 3 hours on a regular to support their business!! Do not hesitate to book.... you will be glad you did! Thank you guys for all yall did and all the extra time you took to make aure we were great. Tip on smashing: eat first, hydrate that day - it is a workout and you exert tons of energy! Tip on splatter- Do not let the kids rub paint all over Bring extra clothes and socks, Bring something to cover your seats. Bring wipes and soap! I would also bring some containers to put canvases in...the flatter ones created for under your bed.... normal size could probably hold two... and know that you gotta go home to clean up before going! but it is a blast!

    Tiffany Lee Anderson Avatar Tiffany Lee Anderson
    June 14, 2020
  • positive review  my mom and i went on a whim on a sunday to smash n bash and had such a great experience! we picked the agitated package and it included: 10 minutes inside a room, breaking computers, bottles, cups, plates, etc. we even got to pick our own music to destroy to! it’s owned by the kindest couple!! they gave us so much information. they offer so many cool packages and different activities at an awesome price. WE WILL DEFINITELY BE COMING BACK!

    Taylor Ellzey Avatar Taylor Ellzey
    May 17, 2020

    positive review  Had a BLAST! Will definitely be back... The owners are friendly and kind! Can't wait til next time!!

    Meighan Knight Avatar Meighan Knight
    May 16, 2020

    positive review  So much FUN! Everything was explained very well beforehand. Will recommend to others! Thanks for the stellar experience!!!

    Amy Allen Powell Avatar Amy Allen Powell
    March 12, 2020
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