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The following are the terms of service (“terms” or TOS) for participants who become members (“you” or “your”) of Smash N Bash LLC’s (“we,” “us,” “our,” “company,” or “SNB”) ‘Smash N Bash Therapy Club’ (“club” or “program”). These terms are subject to change with or without written notice to all members of the club. The delivery of the written terms may be, but not limited to, electronically delivered to the information on file provided by the member. Failure to receive the written terms does not constitute a waiver or omission by SNB and shall not be construed as such. SNB shall upon written request provide details of any changes to membership TOS within a reasonable amount of time not to exceed 90 days.

1. Definitions:

  • Membership is defined as the paid agreement by you and us for the use of our services to join an exclusive area and have access to year-round discounts to our services and products at a discount.
  • Services are defined as any activity we offer the general public, you, or our affiliates.
  • Merchandise is defined as any item or products that can be purchased in our facility for an additional charge not included in the Service prices.
  • Discounts are any amount lowered from our regularly advertised prices; discounts may not be stacked.
  • Members are persons that have paid in full for a membership.
  • Benefits are defined as the predetermined services, merchandise, discounts, and unique offerings made available to members not normally available to the public.
  • Peak and Non-Peak Times are defined by the amount of business that normally occurs is heavier than other times. Typical peak time is from 5 pm on Friday until 7 pm on Sunday. Typical non-peak time is 2 pm Wednesday through 5 pm Friday.
  • Walk-In is defined as the ability to access our services without an appointment.
  • Members’ Guest is a person who receives our services with the benefit of a members’ discount.

2. Fees-Non-refundable membership fee of $74 must be paid in full to receive any members benefits. SNB, its owners, employees, or agents will not be required to render membership services or provide benefits until payment has been processed. No cash discounts will be given for memberships.

3. Services-SNB will provide the following services within our normal operational policies and procedures. Two rage room sessions, two VR Mini-Golf rounds, are available to be booked by the member 24 hours after membership purchase. Members are still required to schedule appointments just like the general public. Members will have access to a different portal for them to schedule their appointment, that gives them priority access to making bookings.

4. Bookings-Priority booking is the ability to schedule a service before the general public. Members will have 30 days earlier access to booking availability. In the event the member fails to book an appointment, SNB may offer walk-in services to members during non-peak times. Members will receive priority access to services over other walk-in guests, but not guests with appointments. Walk-in service may or may not be extended at SNB’s sole discretion to members during peak times. Any additional bookings during the month receive a 10% discount.

5. Merchandise-You receive a program discount on all merchandise while in the facility of 15% of the retail price.

In the event that members attempt to dispute payments made by credit or debit cards, membership is immediately revoked, any benefits already received will be calculated at full retail value and the charged to the members’ card as a separate transaction. All terms are subject to the rules, regulations, and laws of the State of Texas. By participating in this “Therapy Club,” you agree to be bound by those rules, regulations, and laws.

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