All options for our rage rooms include: Safety Gear (Jumpsuit, Gloves, Hard Hat, Face Shield, & Safety Glasses), Rage Gear (Hammers, Bars, Bats, etc.). Everyone must wear closed toed shoes, safety gear, and sign a waiver to participate. We recommend you come in jeans and a light shirt, because you will get hot and sweaty!

Ladies have Rage!

Rage Packages Designed for One or Two Participants

Updated: September 2020

Due to Covid-19 effects on our vendors ability to supply us with certain types of breakable items we are making changes to certain packages effective September 5th, 2020. We are eliminating our taste test package and altering our larger packages. The changes will be a minimal change and will not effect our pricing structures.

Agitated (10 minutes) $35

15 small breakables and 1 medium breakable.

Mad Mutha (15 Minutes) $65

30 small breakables and 2 medium breakables

Beast Mode (20 Minutes) $100

45 small breakables, 4 medium breakables, and 1 large breakable.

Rage Groups
Family Rage

Rage Packages for Up to Four Participants

Rajin (25 Minutes) $130

50 small breakables, 5 medium breakables, and 1 large breakables

XL Beast Mode (30 Minutes) $160

75 small breakables, 6 medium breakables, and 1 large breakables

Have a Bash! (Groups of 5 to 10)

Bachelor, Bachelorette or Birthday’s

Includes minimum of 60 minutes of use of our entire smash facilities. Each participant needs to be ready to break $#!+. We cater to the party goers desired level of rage! Prices start at $275.00 starting for five people, each participant getting 20 small items, 2 medium items. For every 5 participants we also add a large breakable item. ($50 per additional person)

Ladies Night
The ladies from DeGrasse & Ratliff Eye Center

BYOB (15 Minutes) $25.00

Bring your own box of breakables (no liquids, arisols, chemicals, light bulbs, or other toxic materials), Limit on box size is 18″ wide by 22″ long and 14″ high

A La Cart

Additional 15 Minute Time Block $20.00

Additional 15 small items $20.00

Additional 4 medium items $25.00

Additional 1 large item $30.00

Extra Large Item $50.00 (if in stock)

Custom Rage Packages available upon request (Example: Office Cube). Additional charges may apply.

Gift Cards

We now have eGift vouchers available from $10-$400, Physical cards are available at our shop. E-gift card are located with our Merchandise


  • positive review  We went Saturday night it was a great time.

    James Hand Avatar James Hand
    September 21, 2020

    positive review  My son, hubby and I just had a fabulous time flinging paint in the glow in the dark paint room. It was such a joy to let loose and get messy.

    Nicole Solano Avatar Nicole Solano
    September 13, 2020

    positive review  Bailee has wanted to do this FOREVER and said it was WORTH EVERY MIN!!! Great people!!!

    Michele Burton Avatar Michele Burton
    August 16, 2020
  • positive review  A good place to let off some steam!!!!

    Mark Johnson Avatar Mark Johnson
    July 11, 2020

    positive review  OMG. so I have seen this stuff on TV and let me tell you.. this is just amazing! My sisters and I decided to go release some steam last week. This was one of the best experiences ever. we definitely released some steam and more.... from years of built up stuff. This was therapeutic and keeps us out of! Yesterday we celebrated my nieces birthday, my nephews birthday, and my sisters birthday by doing the splatter party. We had a blast. kids had so much fun... i mean who doesn't want to just make a mess and create art at the same time? we intentionally wore all white to save our clothes and create our memory outfit. we will see how they come out! So ... the best part about this place was really the wonderful couple that greats you, makes sure you are good, breaks it all down for you, and genuinely wants you to have a blast. They saw that we needed to really release some stuff and went out thwir way to bring frames and markers so we can write it down and break it and let it go. They really went above and beyone to make sure we cleaned up properly and our cars would not get messed up. they lined up the cars with plastic and made sure we had everything to clean up as much as possible. Good customer service is hard to find. People that genuinely want you to leave there feeling happy and better is hard to find... but they did that and I will drive 3 hours on a regular to support their business!! Do not hesitate to book.... you will be glad you did! Thank you guys for all yall did and all the extra time you took to make aure we were great. Tip on smashing: eat first, hydrate that day - it is a workout and you exert tons of energy! Tip on splatter- Do not let the kids rub paint all over Bring extra clothes and socks, Bring something to cover your seats. Bring wipes and soap! I would also bring some containers to put canvases in...the flatter ones created for under your bed.... normal size could probably hold two... and know that you gotta go home to clean up before going! but it is a blast!

    Tiffany Lee Anderson Avatar Tiffany Lee Anderson
    June 14, 2020

    positive review  my mom and i went on a whim on a sunday to smash n bash and had such a great experience! we picked the agitated package and it included: 10 minutes inside a room, breaking computers, bottles, cups, plates, etc. we even got to pick our own music to destroy to! it’s owned by the kindest couple!! they gave us so much information. they offer so many cool packages and different activities at an awesome price. WE WILL DEFINITELY BE COMING BACK!

    Taylor Ellzey Avatar Taylor Ellzey
    May 17, 2020
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