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All options for our rage rooms include Safety Gear (Jumpsuit, Gloves, Hard Hat, Face Shield, & Safety Glasses), Rage Gear (Hammers, Bars, Bats, etc.). Everyone must wear closed toed shoes (more info about shoes here), safety gear, and sign a waiver to participate. We recommend you come in jeans and a light shirt (NO hooded shirts), because you will get hot and sweaty!

To schedule an appointment, we require that you use a credit/debit card to reserve your appointment. Effective May 1st, 2021: We will charge your card when you schedule your appointment. By entering your credit/debit card information into our booking platform, you are confirming that you agree to our cancellation policy and understand that you have been charged for the package(s) you have selected. We request that you arrive 10 minutes early to complete waivers if you do not fill out the waiver ahead of time, online.

Ladies have Rage!

Rage Packages Designed for One to Three Participants

Agitated (10 minutes) $40

Ideal for one person, contains 16 items to smash.

Mad Mutha (15 Minutes) $75

Best for two people, contains 30 breakables.

Beast Mode (20 Minutes) $110

A larger package for two to three people, contains 45 breakable items

Rage Groups
Family Rage

Larger Rage Packages for Up to Four Participants

Rajin (25 Minutes) $150

This package contains 55 breakable items. This package best option for groups of three to four people that have a mild amount of rage.

XL Beast Mode (30 Minutes) $180

This package contains 65 items in all sizes to smash. This is our largest non-party package and is perfect for groups of four or five.

BYOB (15 Minutes) $25.00

Bring your own box of breakables (no liquids, aerosols, chemicals, light bulbs, or other toxic materials), Limit on box size is 18″ wide by 22″ long and 14″ high. This is the standard medium size moving box that can be found at Wal-Mart, hardware stores, and U-Haul. The price is based on a per box basis and will be applied to each box that you bring.


  • Shoe Rental $5
  • Color Bombs $10
  • Tub of small items $20
  • Large item $30
  • Extra-large item $50 (when in stock)

Gift Cards

We now have eGift vouchers available from $10-$400, Physical cards are available at our shop. E-gift card are located with our Merchandise

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