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Ladies Night
The ladies from DeGrasse & Ratliff Eye Center

Bachelor, Bachelorette or Birthday’s

Big Bash! (Groups of 6 to a maximum of 12)

Includes 60 minutes use of our smash facilities. Each participant needs to be ready to break $#!+. We cater to the party goers desired level of rage! Prices start at $295.00 starting for six people, each participant getting 12 items. This package comes with 2 bonus large items that everyone can share. The price covers the first six people, there is an additional charge for extra people beyond the first six ($50 per additional person). Groups larger than six will be asked to split up for safety reasons. Our smash room can only accommodate up to a maximum of six people safely at a time. We will do our best to accommodate the entire group with equal time in the room.

Black Light Paint Party $225

Party for 8 people for ages 4 & Up

  • VIP gets a Paintable T-Shirt
  • Canvas for everyone
  • Paint
  • 60 minutes in the paint room
  • Poncho (Optional)
  • Hair Cover (Optional)
  • Glasses/Goggles
  • Extra people are $30 each

Optional Add-On

  • Additional canvases are $5 to $20 each
  • Extra paint $4 per bottle or $20 for 7 bottles
  • Paint canon rental $10
  • Canon refill $10
  • Glitter confetti pack $5
  • Snowballs $5

You can play whatever type of music you want in the paint room using our Bluetooth speaker.

Splatter Rage Party $350

Up to 6 People

Want to experience both the rage room and our colorful paint room during your party? You can do so with our Splatter Rage package. The package price includes rage room time, breakables, and a splatter paint session for six people.

In the Rage Room:

  • 20 minutes in our rage room
  • Each person gets 12 items to smash.
  • VIP gets 15 items
  • Everyone gets to smash on a large item as well (shared)

In the Paint Room:

  • VIP gets Paintable T-Shirt
  • Canvas for everyone
  • Paint
  • 30 minutes in the paint room
  • Poncho (Optional)
  • Hair Cover (Optional)
  • Goggles

For your enjoyment we can play the music of your choice while you rage and/or paint.

Each additional person is $50

Optional Add-Ons

  • Additional canvases are $5 to $20 each
  • Extra paint $4 per bottle or $20 for 7 bottles
  • Paint Canon rental $10
  • Canon Refill $10
  • Glitter confetti pack $5
  • Snowballs $5

Coming in 2022 Mobile Parties

We bring the party to you in 2022!! We have spent all winter long waiting for the warm weather to bring the fun to you outside! The paints we use are non-toxic water-based paints and will wash away with water.

Mobile Paint Party

Our mobile paint parties include up to 500 ounces of water-based paints using seven different colors, the use of 10 paint blasters, target t-shirts (adult sizes from small to 2xl) for up to 10 people. Add Gelly Blasters to the mix for even more fun!!! For these parties we recommend swimsuits and a water hose!!!

Mobile Gelly Party

We are adding Gelly Blasters in 2022!!! Is it paint ball? Is it a water gun??? No, it is a combination of the two!

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