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Rage Room Rules

We have to put rules into place due to the intelligence levels of some of our customers. Some seem to think the rules do not apply to them or that rules are made to be broken. We do not believe in either of these statements. Rules are put into place to ensure yours and everyone else’s safety while in the room. Below are the rules that we have put into place for our rage room.

Rule #1:

Do not hit others in the room. Common sense says to be aware of your surroundings, yet the majority of injuries in a rage room occur when people do not take this rule seriously. We would rather you be safe than sent to the hospital. So watch were you swing that baseball bat, you could just clonk mom on the head.

Rule #2:

Please do not break our lights, cameras, table, Bluetooth speaker, or our crate(s).  These things are difficult to repair/replace and are costly. We would hate to charge you $85 to replace a camera or $350 for an electrician to come replace the fixtures.

Rule #3:

All safety gear must remain on while in the room (this includes gloves & face shields). If you remove the gear at any time, you will be asked to leave the room until the gear can be inspected and deemed usable. If we have to remove you from the room on multiple occasions,  you will be asked to leave and no refunds will be given.

Rule #4:

Only throw designated items towards the designated targets or the floor. Please do not throw the tools, as they can do large amounts of damage with very little effort.

Rule #5:

Do not use the tools to hit our walls or our door. We do charge for wall repair if you throw the tools or use them to hit our walls intentionally.

Rule #6:

Do not walk out of the room. If you need assistance or want to leave the room before time has expired, please wave your arms.

Rule #7:

No cellular devices may be taken in the room. We will take all the pictures you want us to take and we offer a copy of our video coverage for only $10.00 additional. There isn’t sound on our videos so you may edit the videos how ever you choose. We will, however, allow you to connect you device to our Bluetooth speaker to enjoy the music you choose to play from your device. 

Paint Room Rules

Our paints are water based yet still can have some danger to it. Mostly the danger involves someone tripping or falling and occasionally burning eyes.

Rule #1:

No Running! This is going to become a recurring theme for our paint room, we don’t want you to trip or slip and fall.

Rule #2:

Do not pour the buckets of paint onto the floor or onto each other. This does create a very slick floor and a slip hazard. Again, we do not want you to fall.

Rule #3:

Do not eat the paint, nor squirt the paint into someone’s eye(s). The paint is not candy, and does not taste like candy. It taste like chalk. Additionally, you do not want the paint getting into your eyes, it will burn like getting jalapeno juice in your eyes.

Rule #4:

Do not climb on another person to paint our lights, camera, or ceiling. If you really feel the need to put a foot print on our ceiling, please remove your shoe and have someone that is tall slap it up there while jumping.

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