At some point we all make mistakes and have to eat crow. In the past six weeks we have come to enjoy the taste of crow. From arguing semantics about being in the city of Fort Worth, to dealing with noise complaints from neighbors. In the end we learned some valuable and costly lessons; but are better for it.

The internet is full of trolls, or as many call them; keyboard warriors. Well, we got one who feels to point out each and every little flaw in our social media posts, website, and our personal life. Man their life must really suck something fierce to spend so much time worrying about ours. Seriously, they spent the better part of four days trying to tell me how bad I suck because of things that happened in my past. They couldn’t even bother to get updated on the information, so wth? Why you mad bro? They learned that I know who they are and don’t care because they cannot do anything to us. They tried and failed to hack our reservation system.

We learned very quickly how to improve security….

Our neighbor didn’t like the noise levels (understandable). For six weeks we spent as much as we earned to dampen the noise. Finally, they involved their family who involved the city code inspectors and chief of police. We educated them on the noise levels and our efforts to mitigate the noise. Zero fines or summons later, and a remodel.

We learned very quickly how to deal with complainers who are never happy…

Even during these trials opportunity continued to present itself. Sometimes in strange ways. Opportunities that included a new business opportunity that we passed on. We forged some great deals with suppliers for our merchandise that we use to break. Some deals that may eventually affect our consumers (think Southwest Airlines type business deals). There is even an opportunity that we are considering as I type this post.

We learned every opportunity is not a good opportunity, but don’t pass on the great ones!!!!

What I am getting at, is that no matter what happens; learn from it. Good or bad, learn something. Like ignoring a troll, how to communicate with neighbors to achieve a common objective, and recognizing good and bad opportunities to improve upon your objectives. Life presents these challenges every day. Some are insignificant while others are monumental. Take something away from each and every one of them and learn something.

Today, I learned our WHY from a book. I knew what it was, but couldn’t describe it. now I can, but that is for another post.

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