I once read a quote that said:

“Life is chaotic, so is business!”

Well our business is no different. We have spent the past week going round and round between three different city departments and our potential landlord trying to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy, or at the very least get the process rolling.

After several emails, telephone calls, and trips to city hall we have decided that our initial location that we had chosen just wasn’t going to pan out for us. It happens. The city departments couldn’t agree if the property was in a historic district, if we were required to have handicapped parking, a bicycle rack, and more than one parking spot. We gave up after we ran the numbers a third time. $300 for permits, $2000 for remodeling and bringing just the parking lot to code, and an additional three to six weeks of lost revenues.

As a result of all the back and forth we began our search again as a “just in case” measure. Then we found the holy grail of locations. A landlord that was kind, generous, and very lease friendly. We were able to negotiate a lower rent, with the first month free, also we got water, 90% of the buildout, and a few other perks if we signed immediately. Of course after the experience with city planning of Fort Worth, we had to look and see first before we signed anything.

We spent 30 minutes with the city planner who said “let me make a phone call.” Two hours later we were given a verbal approval to obtain a building permit. We signed our lease, gave the deposit , and had our building permit all by 5:00PM today. To say that life is chaotic, so is business must have gone through something similar.

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