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It is no secret that we want to bill ourselves as a family entertainment facility. However, unlike places like Urban Air, Main Event, and amusement parks; we suffer severe space limitations. We will be introducing a new activity that is safe for kids ages 4 and up. We will be offering an indoor foam dart target gallery within the next few weeks. Our target gallery will be able to host both regular foam dart guns, oversized foam dart guns, and the modified dart guns. Our target gallery will have a multitude of targets ranging from stationary to interactive target systems.

We realize that some parents see foam dart guns as an extension of real guns. We assure you that the toys we use do not look real and that they are just in fact toys. Rest assured that we originally tested airsoft guns for the target gallery and determined that due to space limitations, the airsoft guns could not be safely used and will not be allowed within our target gallery.

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