Do we ever partake in a rage session and break stuff?

Yes we do frequently. Some of the things we notice about people is that they are not very thorough in breaking everything. They always leave something untouched or significantly undamaged. That is when we will usually finish off the job.

Occasionally, someone does break everything. That is when we just grab a few items and smash them ourselves. We don’t take a full package otherwise we are destroying our revenue stream. That would be bad business.

When we began developing our business, we would test various scenarios. That is how my wife went viral breaking a TV on twitter (my daughters tweet). It isn’t like we haven’t broken larger items, we have. At one time we had a Power Wheel F150 truck in our room. It withstood 6 groups of people, and us beating on it 3 or 4 times each. Talk about Ford Tough! But now it can be Found On the Road Dead!


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