Brief Known History:

We know that rage rooms started before 2008 in an East Asian country. No one is exactly sure who started the concept or where it started. I have read that the concept started in Singapore, Japan and even here in the United States. We do know a little more about modern rage room history as there have been a few places that have tried to chronicle rage rooms.

The first two chronicled rage rooms in North America seem to be located in Dallas, Tx and Toronto Canada. Both opened in late 2008. The Dallas location shut its doors after the tragic death of the owner. The location we think became what is known as Battle Sports (not 100% certain).

Status of Industry

The industry is approximately eleven years old and is growing rapidly. Currently there are no set standards for safety, breakables, pricing or even age limits. People are opening rage rooms faster than insurance companies can develop policies to cover them. There is some concern over the lack of safety standards of these pop up rage rooms. The industry has been lucky so far that only a few known cases of injury have occurred, fortunately nothing major.

By the end of 2008 there were approximately 10 rage rooms world wide. Currently there is an estimated 100 rage rooms in North America alone, and probably 2-3 times that many world wide. It is time that the owners of the rage rooms come together to establish industry standards for not only the safety of their customers but for the continued growth of the industry.

Setting Standards

Some of the standards that customers have come to expect rage room industry providers are as follows.

  • Paying by the person
  • Safety gear provided
  • Breakables provided
  • Availability of space for Groups
  • Going Green
  • Standardized time allotments
  • The option to break their own stuff
  • Children aged 8 and older allowed
  • Additional activities available

There are some standards that need to be established within the rage room industry to not only benefit our clients but to also become socially responsible. For example recycling or upcycling the smashed items. Currently, Smash N Bash recovers all electronic power cords and computer parts from TVs, computers, printers, cell phones, and other items for recycling. In addition we also try to provide local artist and manufacturers with other broken pieces and scrap metals for upcycling into new products.

The more we can do with and for our community will allow the industry to prosper for years to come and be seen in a positive light.

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