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Effective October 8th, 2021, Age Requirements

For safety and health reasons; no one in diapers is allowed in our facility. Get a sitter! If you have a child that is still in diapers, our facility at times has a large amount of dust in the air that is not good for small children to breath in and can potentially affect their development. If there is a person in your party that is wearing diapers for bladder or bowel control issues, please inform them that the bathroom is 100 ft from the smash room and 50 ft from our paint room, so they can plan accordingly. It is presumed that our guests have functional bodily control. If someone does have an accident, we will provide cleaning supplies and will politely ask that person to clean up after themselves.

Rage Room

The minimum age requirement is ten (10) years of age and older. All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian in the room. We are now required to check identification if you look like you may be underage. We may ask to see a current report card from a school identifying that the child is in at least in the fifth grade. Parents will also need to complete a separate minor waiver in which they will be required to attest to the minor’s age.

If you are a legal guardian of a minor child (but not the parent), we will ask to see your documentation showing your guardianship. We can thank dishonest people for these changes in our age requirements.

Paint Room

Minimum age requirement is four (4) years of age and older. Anyone under the age of sixteen (16) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian in the room. A parent or legal guardian must still remain in the facility even if minors are being unaccompanied in the paint room.

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