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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your hours?

  • Monday & Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 2 pm to 7pm
  • Thursday & Friday 12 pm to 10 pm
  • Saturday 12 pm to 10 pm
  • Sunday 12 pm to 7 pm.

How much does it cost per person for the rage room?

Our pricing is simple. $44.00 per person (beginning October 1, 2023). This price covers 1 crate of breakables, safety gear, tools to break stuff with, and 15 minutes in the room. You may purchase an extra crate or items for an additional charge.

How much does it cost per person for the blacklight paint?

Again, we try and keep our pricing simple. $35.00 per person (Beginning January 1, 2023). This price covers 1 canvas per person, poncho, hair cover, 100 mL of paint per color (6 colors). and thirty minutes in the room. You may purchase additional canvases or paint for an additional charge. We do not provide shoe covers!

I heard that smash rooms are dangerous, how do you make yours safe?

We use a layered approach to keeping our customers safe. The approach begins with educating the participants about the potential dangers and how to avoid them. We then layer you into our safety gear from top to bottom with the most exposed areas (hands and face) getting multiple layers as well.

No matter the amount of safety gear we put you in, if you fail to follow our rules, someone could get hurt. Just like in the video.

What do I need to bring when I come to your place?

Everyone who is participating must have on closed toed shoes or they will not be allowed into a rage room. Crocs are not acceptable shoes.

Comfortable pants, and shirt. We advise that you do not wear hooded shirts of any kind, sweatshirts, jackets as shirts, long sleeved flannel or other heavy clothing. Please be aware that you will get hot and sweaty even though our temperature in the facility is set at 70 degrees. Otherwise, we provide everything else. This is a type of activity that is similar to a high intens

This is an activity in which you will be exposed to dust and flying debris. It is in your best interest to take this information into account.

While face masks are no longer required relating to Covid-19, we still encourage face masks to prevent excessive exposure to dust. Excessive exposure may cause darkening of phlegm in your nose or difficulty breathing for asthmatics among other potential ailments.

Our facility was built in 1949. Our ramp was installed in the 1970’s (we think), and our bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible. We do not recommend persons who are confined to a wheelchair enter our rage room. However, they are more than welcome to enjoy any of our other activities.

Can I bring stuff from home to break?

Yes, please keep in mind that we do charge $25.00 for the additional clean up and disposal of the items. This is caused by our disposal fees having increased 78% since our opening in 2019.

The time I want isn’t available, can you still fit me in?

We would suggest that you call the day before you want to come visit to see if we have had any cancellations. Our system will only reopen a time slot if the customer cancels through our booking system. Sometimes they will just call us, and we cannot remove their information. Otherwise, we will not likely be able to fit you in at your desired time and we will ask you to select an alternative time.

We are not accepting walk-ins and will only accept one appointment at a time with a set period for cleaning following the appointment.

Jackson Pollock No. 7
Jackson Pollock No. 7 Painting

What is splatter paint?

Splatter painting is a different way to paint. Think of cross between a food fight and a Jackson Pollock paintings, with multiple people flinging paint on canvases (not just their own).

Can I make an appointment for both the Rage Room and a Paint Room?

Yes, we ask that you schedule your rage room appointment first, then select a paint session that is 30 minutes after your rage room session.

Why are the age limits different for the rage room and splatter painting?

One word – SAFETY

Do you have an area that we can change clothes in after our paint session?

No. We only offer a sink to clean your hands, face, and arms. We can provide a poncho to either place over your seat or for you to wear out. Please do not change your clothes in our lobby or parking lot. The police will film you and then write you a ticket for indecency.

I’ve prepaid for a session; how can I add more people?

We can make adjustments up to 1 day before your appointment. We may not be able to honor all requests because of time and/or space limitations. This is why it is very important that you make sure you select the right appointment that meets your needs when you originally schedule your appointment. Please take into consideration that it is easier for us to downsize a session than it is to upsize the session.

We will make every effort that we can to reasonably accommodate your request as long as it does not interfere with another group’s appointment. If you know that you will have more than four (4) people, you will want to schedule appointments back-to-back to fit your needs (example, 5 to 8 people will require 2 time slots, 9 to 12 will require 3 time slots, etc.). We will divide your group according to the number of people and times you have booked.

What happens if I need to reschedule my appointment?

We can easily reschedule your appointment as long as you contact us more than 48 hours ahead of your appointment. If you need to reschedule within the 48 hours prior to your appointment or at your appointment time, we may charge an additional $35 as a rescheduling fee if you have rescheduled multiple times.

We are stuck in traffic; how long do we have before you cancel our appointment?

We understand that the Dallas-Fort Worth area has many traffic challenges. One of our owners formerly drove a taxicab in the area for 10 years and is familiar with the surroundings, you may call and ask for directions, alternative routes, and to let us know you are running late. We typically only allow 10 minutes with a phone call. If you call, we will much rather make adjustments to an appointment than to have to cancel an appointment because of an unforeseen circumstance. Please refer to our cancelation/no-show/reschedule policy page for more details.

Is there a place for us to sit and eat cake?

Due to current space limitations, we are not able to accommodate extra seating or space for eating cake. We do not recommend that you eat at least 90 minutes prior to your appointment with us. From experience we know that if you eat within this time frame that the likelihood of you expelling your meal increases significantly. In the event that you do hurl, we do have a cleaning and sanitation fee of $50.


What is your cancellation, privacy, and refund policies?

Links to our policies can be followed below.

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