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We get it! Everyone wants something for next to nothing; we do to. Just keep in mind that our specials will only be available for bookings between the 1st and last day of the month that the special is run. For example: Valentines Splatter Rage package will only be available when booking an appointment while in the month of February (1st through the 28th). You will be able to book that special on any date that is available for booking during that time period. Our booking platform allows you to book 90 days in advance so you can book all the way out to May 29th on the February 28th.


Happy New Year ya’ll, we’re still hung over from leaving last year. We love ya’ll though!

February /March

Valentine’s Day Splatter Rage $160 our offer is $140. Expires on March 1st.

Price is for two (2) people. See Splatter Rage package for details on what you receive and do.


Happy Easter. It is also the start of baseball season (pending an end to the lockout).


A Mad Mutha’s Day Package $320 Special Price $280 Expires May 31st.

Price is good for four people. See Splatter Rage package for additional details.


Father’s Day Rage Package $88 Special Price $80 Expires Father’s Day.

Price is good for two people. See Rage Room package for additional details.


Happy 4th of July, we are closed on the 4th for observance of the holiday.


Splatter Paint ($35) Parties just $30 per person Expires August 31st.

Price is per person, see Splatter Paint package for additional details.



Splatter Painting regularly $35 per person is only $25 per person from October 25th through October 31st. Every child under the age of 12 will receive a Halloween treat, no purchase required.


We give back to our guests and community this time of year. In 2019, we donated $500 to local children’s charities. In 2020, we increased that amount to $1000. Also beginning in 2020 we gave away Dallas Stars tickets to a lucky guest in December. For 2021, we donated $1500 to local children’s charities, and gave out Concert Tickets to Billy Bob’s Texas to a lucky guest. In 2022, we handed over $1500 again to children’s charities and Dallas Stars tickets. This year our goal is to increase our donations to $2000 and give even more away to our guests.

Military/First Responder Discounts

We can only provide in facility discounts with a valid military or 1st responder ID at this time. It is a discount of 10%.

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