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Waiver & Acceptance

Our attorneys require us to obtain the following release prior to allowing you to participate in Smash N Bash, LLC activities. If you wish to print off the waiver and bring with you just click on the downloads. Don’t worry if you forget to bring it, we have copies at our location. The attorneys have told us that if we don’t get one of these completed by you, that you cannot participate. Man the attorneys are sticklers!

Image Release

We also ask for permission to use your likeness and images on our social media sites and encourage you to share your experience at our location. In order to do this, our attorney says you have to say we can, by signing a form. If you don’t have a problem with us using your picture on FB or Instagram, just download, print and sign the form below. Again, if you forget it, don’t worry we got plenty of copies.

Public Health & Safety Policy

Being located in Tarrant County, Texas; our county judge (Supreme Overlord B. Glen Whitley) has taken it upon himself to decree that we must now present to the public a policy that enforces his overreach of power and duties. Attached you will find our new policy as decreed by the Supreme Overlord himself.

Public Health & Safety Policy

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