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Rage Room

Rule 1: Do not hit others

Rule 2: Do not break lights, cameras, mounted speaker, walls, door, or crate holding breakables

Rule 3: You may throw breakables at designated wall only.

Rule 4: Do not throw tools.

Rule 5: Do not throw tires.

Rule 6: All safety gear must remain on while in the smash room, no exceptions

Rule 7: No cellular devices are allowed in the room. We have seen too many people break their phones on “accident” then turn around and demand that we replace them.

Paint Room

Rule 1: No Running

Rule 2: No putting paint cups directly onto the floor.

Rule 3: No eating the paint

Rule 4: Everyone must wear safety glasses or goggles

Rule 6: No climbing on the furniture

Rule 7: No spitting on the floor.

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