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Rage Room

Rule 1: Do not hit others

Rule 2: Do not break lights, cameras, mounted speaker, walls, door, or crate holding breakables

Rule 3: You may throw breakables at designated wall only.

Rule 4: Do not throw tools.

Rule 5: Do not throw tires.

Rule 6: All safety gear must remain on while in the smash room, no exceptions

Rule 7: We do not recommend that you take your cellular device in the room. We have seen too many people break their phones on “accident.” We DO NOT replace your damaged device.

Paint Room

Rule 1: No Running. You can easily trip or slip on our floor.

Rule 2: No pouring paint cups directly onto the floor. This will increase the odds of you falling.

Rule 3: No eating the paint, you are nasty if you like the taste.

Rule 4: Everyone must wear safety glasses or goggles; the paint does burn your eyes if you get it in them.

Rule 6: No climbing on the furniture for the same reason we don’t want you to run.

Rule 7: No spitting on the floor. Again, this is nasty, we provide a rag for you to wipe paint off if necessary.

Rule 8: Do not paint our security cameras.

Rule 9: Do not step on the paint containers or bottles, if we catch you stomping the bottles or containers, your session will end immediately, and we will charge you for replacing the bottles.

Rule 10: Do not try to refill paint cannons with squirt bottles. The paint consistency is not the same and you will clog our cannons which can damage the cannons.

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