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Smash N Bash Rage Room
Our Space!

Our location reveal: 5177 River Oaks Blvd. Suite E, River Oaks, Texas 76114

Our hours of operation:

  • Sunday 12pm to 7 pm
  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday Closed
  • Wednesday 2pm to 7pm
  • Thursday 2pm to 10pm
  • Friday 12pm to 10pm
  • Saturday 12pm to 10pm

We are only taking guests by appointment only effective March 1, 2021.

Happy New Year to everyone who follows us or even if this is your first time, reading my ramblings as a rage room owner. With the new year comes new beginnings, new opportunities if you will. We have some new ideas that we think and hope our guest will enjoy. Including a “soft room” for our smaller guest that aren’t old enough to go in the big rage room. We are changing our paint guns to paint canons for more paint, more mess, and way more fun!

With new opportunity springs us into a relm of new ideas to facilitate our growth and attractiveness for families and for family entertainment. We are hoping to open a second location by May 2022. Yes, I know I have been talking about a second location since before we even opened our doors. That is the eternal optimist in me. Keep moving forward in life, obstacles can be overcome or just overran.

The second location we hope will be closer to many of our guest, be able to offer additional activities, and more entertaining. Some activities that we want to include in our next location is space for car smashing, multiple rage rooms, soft rooms, paint rooms, an arcade, a party room for people to have cake & drink, and etc. One big item we are looking at is incorporating nerf or laser tag into our next facility. This all goes back to us vision of being a family friendly facility.

Another goal for us is to create additional jobs for people looking to enter the workforce for the first time or to just experience something different. No, we are not hiring yet. Once we have more details, we will post the information on our social media pages and our website. We are anticipating adding a position sometime in March or April for our original facility. Once we have nailed down the details on the second location, we will definitely begin the search for additional staff to work there as well.

Finally, look for us to bring our splatter paint to you in 2022. Yes, your read correctly. We are working on making our splatter paint party sessions mobile. No more driving the kids to somewhere else to get them messy. Now you can do it from the comfort of your own front/back yard. Again, more details will be released as we develop this offering. For now, we hope that everyone has a happy and prosperous new year.

With today’s technology, cellular devices have become a physical attachment to just about everyone. A leash if you will. We have seen people refuse to participate in our activity because they could not part with the phone for 20 minutes. Yes, some people go through tech withdrawals that bad. This leads us to the purpose of the post.

Your Cellular Phone Habits Present a Danger to Yourself and Others in a Rage Room!

Just like on the road, the use of a cell phone in a rage room creates un unsafe environment. Believe us we want you to have fun and share your experiences with your friends and family. While you are in our facility, please allow us to be your photographer/videographer.

Why? Simple, one word, safety. Imagine if you will a momentary lapse of common sense on your part. Your buddy is about to tee off on a shot glass. But to capture the hit and exploding image of shards of glass; you get down on the floor to shoot your picture. Then BAM! You feel a sharp pain going through your head as glass is not only propelled at you but is injected into your face. That perfect teed shot glass picture got you a one-way ticket to the emergency room.

Don’t Worry We’ll Be Safe!

These are some famous last words. We can just look at our worst accident in the rage room. A young lady was smashed in the face with a baseball bat. She was following all our rules. Her sister, however; was not. She lined up a vase and wacked her sister in the jaw in full swing. Just because you will be safe, doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone in the room will be safe.

Making safety a number one priority begins with protecting our guests first! Our experience has proven time and time again that there is always that one person in a group who doesn’t care about their own safety if it gets in the way of having fun, being a showoff, or hinders their ability to be the center of attention. Our rule of no cell phones in the rage room has become a necessity to prevent further injuries.

While we understand that this is something that not one person wants to hear, we are happy to take before and after pictures for you. Additionally, we do offer the video footage from our camera system for $10.00.

We are less than 6 weeks away from our 2nd anniversary. Yea us! We have learned a lot in the past two years. Much of what we learned has led to some changes in how we operate, what we can and cannot allow guests to do, and above all else is that we ensure the safety of our guests must be our highest priority. We learned to learn from others in the industry on what we can do to improve our guests experience(s). We learned that not all competitors are your competition.

We know that last statement is not going to sit well with many company owners. However, if your competition doesn’t know what you have, what you are doing, or what you are planning; you have already won. We look like a place that won’t survive, yet we are ahead of the owner’s projections of their business plan. The owner uses information that they get from other owners to improve our facility, offerings to our guests, and improve guest satisfaction.

While we write on here to notify you of any changes with our information, including age restrictions, pricing changes, or policy changes, we would like to add some content that we think would be beneficial for our guests or any reader for that matter. If there is something you want us to cover, explore, or share our thoughts on (not political), just let us know.

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We are giving away two tickets to the New Year’s Eve hockey game between the Dallas Stars and the Colorado Avalanche. There are several ways you can enter into the drawing for the tickets, and no purchase is necessary to enter.

There are three ways to enter our drawing; by signing up, by making a purchase, or through our social media feeds. To enter:

  • You may complete the entry form by filling out the entry form. Limit one entry per person per day by entry form.
  • Entrants may gain an additional 25 entries by scheduling an appointment for either a smash session or paint session between November 1st, 2021 and December 15th, 2021. Appointments must be paid for at the time of scheduling and are subject to Smash N Bash, LLC Cancellation/Reschedule/No-Show Policy. Appointments do not need to be completed prior to drawing to gain the additional entries. Remember that 10% of every session purchased is also going to our fundraising pool for the three charities in our annual give-back event.
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Entry is open to U.S. residents who will be able to attend the Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche game on December 31st, 2021. No substitution of prize will be allowed. Children under eighteen are welcome to enter with parent or legal guardians permission. No purchase is necessary to win.

Winner must agree to allow Smash N Bash LLC to produce social media posts using the winners name and likeness in their social media feeds. Smash N Bash LLC social media feeds include Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. While granting permission for use, may not necessarily result in their use. Additionally, winner will not receive further compensation in the event a social media post goes viral.

Total odds of winning will be determined by the total number of eligible entries received.

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Disclaimer: Smash N Bash LLC is not affiliated with Ticketmaster, the Dallas Stars, the Colorado Avalanche, the NHL, or the NHLPA in any way. Tickets were made available through via resale and purchased by Smash N Bash LLC.

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